Service Status Page


Start time:
Thu, 17 Nov 2016 5:00 am
Approximate end time:
Thu, 17 Nov 2016 5:25 am


There will be no access to Wayne RESA applications and servers on Thursday November 17 from 5:00AM – 6:00AM for emergency maintenance to the SAN disk system. We have been notified by the manufacturer, Nimble, that a reboot is required prior to our Sunday maintenance.

Case Subject: Controller takeover or service restarts at increments of 208.5 days of system uptime Case Description: Impacted Arrays:

Array AA-102436 could become susceptible to the following condition within the next 20 days. This impacted array was detected through our InfoSight analysis. Nimble Storage recommends careful consideration and implementation of the remediation steps outlined in this case.

Description of Problem:

A software defect AS-55077 has been identified with runtime accounting in 2.2.x and later NimbleOS versions that could lead to system instability at each increment of 208.5 days of uptime (e.g., at system uptimes of 208.5, 417, 625.5, and so on).

When the active controller reaches one of these uptime increments, an unexpected service restart or controller takeover may occur. Like any planned failover or Data Service restart, an unplanned takeover or service restart could lead to a brief interruption of Data Services. With recommended host settings and timeout values defined, no outage should occur.


Affected customers should update to NimbleOS or later with a fix as soon as possible.

(Update scheduled for Sunday 11/20) otherwise SAN controllers will reboot morning of 11/18